Social and mobile technologies have transformed how people interpret and navigate their world. At any time of day, on any digital device, people can explore a seemingly endless amount of content, as curated for them through sources ranging from Facebook and Snapchat to newsletters and their friends’ tweets. At the same time, audiences are moving to new channels with greater ease than ever before. It’s near impossible to predict where they’ll be tomorrow. Organizations of all kinds are grappling with how to make an impact in this crowded and always-on content environment. Attendees of this interactive session will walk away with practical tips and tactics that they can use in their own work.

Afterward, you’ll be able to:

  • Stand out amid the content avalanche by crafting compelling social content
  • Make every connection meaningful by speaking to your audience’s unique needs
  • Capitalize on major moments by surfacing—and resurfacing—the right stories
  • Lead the conversation by finding and grabbing hold of the angle you can own