Going Mobile: Adjust Your Marketing Strategy to Fit in a Mobile-First World

February 6, 2018

Mobile is the new norm. Mobile usage has now surpassed desktop with the average consumer spending five hours a day consuming on mobile. These numbers are continuing to climb as our devices become faster and more connected. Most marketers view mobile as important, yet an afterthought in their digital strategy. Understanding the shift to thinking mobile-first and adapting campaigns to fit the format for consumption. Thriving in this new norm is not just about a mobile website, it is about building a strategy around mobile-first tactics that are positioned to out-perform when your “”life”” is in your pocket.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Comprehend why it’s important to think mobile-first
  • Develop a cohesive strategy to making a mobile-first shift
  • Understand what areas still need desktop attention
  • Decide what marketing channels to ditch and which to double down
  • Discover new technologies that can help your company compete in a mobile landscape