Content SEO Big Wins for Ecommerce Brands: 20% of Actions for 80% Results

In this session, the leading SEO-industry speaker, author and digital agency executive, Matthew Capala of Alphametic, will share the latest SEO and content marketing techniques to get your ecommerce brand from where you are to where you need to be. From choosing the right SEO software to modern strategies, you’ll leave this session with the knowledge and tools to maximize your visibility on Google, boost your online traffic, and increase sales. Join Matthew for this dynamic masterclass to learn how successful ecommerce brands have leveraged SEO and content strategies to win. Get under-the-hood insights to his favorite tactics, including his years of experience consulting leading ecommerce and retail brands, including L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, and

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Adapt to the recent Google changes to position your strategy ahead of the evolving algorithm (and the competition)
  • Identify and focus on the 20% of the strategies that will drive 80% business results for your ecommerce website
  • Perform a quick and action-oriented SEO audit to prioritize your content, backlink, and technical strategies
  • Develop an actionable content SEO Roadmap that reduces complexity and breaks down the most impactful tasks into digestible strategies you’ll be able to implement right away