How to be the Chief Storytelling Officer for Your Brand

This session will arm you with tactics to be or embody the traits of a Chief Storytelling Officer (CSO) and inspire your team to grow your marketing content machine amid constant disruption and change. You’ll learn a proven framework for becoming the CSO of your brand through practical, fun and engaging examples pulled from successful case studies.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Capture data and use tools to inform your story (there is a story in every data point)
  • Drive story and human connection from the inside out, and move towards the direction of an employee-driven brand
  • Leverage content to super charge your own channels, especially amid current data changes by 3rd party and social media channels
  • Plan and tackle micro-content storytelling from TikTok and other “continuous” story channel media to reach new audiences and brand advocates

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