Leader or Follower? Why There’s No Gray Area in Effective Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot topic, but most leaders don’t understand the full scope of what it means. Revamping old systems and calling them new won’t revitalize your organization. However, revamping your mindset around what it means to innovate will. To truly excel at digital transformation, companies must go back to basics and evaluate their adherence to the four main components of digital transformation success: People, Technology, Data and Creativity.

Sharon Harris, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Jellyfish, (a global leader to brands like Nike, eBay, Uber, and ESPN) believes companies must relinquish the just ‘doing digital’ mantra to further understand that digital transformation is a deliberate and critical strategic repositioning of one’s business in today’s digital economy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) operating model and increase efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Apply a step-by-step approach for A/B testing, planning and execution
  • Create a roadmap for future-proofing digital initiatives within your organization
  • Implement best practices based on outcome-focused client case studies demonstrating the four pillars in action