Gain Actionable Insights From Thick Data Using an Agile Insights Practice

Big data analytics promises to be the Holy Grail for business. However, when dealing with the human element, big data only gives half the picture. While big data analytics uncovers enormous insights around behavior—how, what, and when people make decisions, thick data provides the WHY. This session offers a perspective on how companies can employ thick data by implementing an agile insights practice—an approach to gain actionable insights at the speed of ever-changing needs of customers.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • See the value that Thick Data provides as a complement to your Big Data
  • Understand the power of bold, objective, game-changing insight analysis to inform human experiences
  • See the value in qualitative research to inform and validate ideas with consumers at all stages of digital transformation
  • Implement an agile insights practice that works at the speed of your customers