Building High-Performing Teams that Deliver Innovative Customer Experiences

Success is seductive, but attaining it requires creating an environment that fosters empowerment, innovation and agility. In this session, Ted Battaglia will show you how to build high-performing teams that can deliver innovative customer experiences at a fast pace.

Through the principles outlined in this session, individuals, teams and organizations can increase their probability of success by hitting their desired outcomes based on users’ needs, technology, and business objectives. Whether you are a marketer, content writer or designer, this framework was built to be utilized by everyone, and is relevant regardless of industry.

After this session, you will be able to

  • Build environments where people are empowered to take ownership over their work, leading to better and more innovative customer experience outcomes
  • Promote agility by prioritizing work based on user needs, business goals, and technology
  • Create minimal viable products and iterate from them
  • Identify and avoid pitfalls that affect your team’s success