Preparing for the Future of Marketing

Since the advent of business, growth strategies have evolved in response to changing market context and customer demands. The gap is widening between what buyers expect and what brands can deliver. It’s anything but business as usual, and those in marketing who embrace change are in a much better position to out-think and outperform the competition.

The future of marketing is being led by the vast array of technology capabilities companies now have at their disposal including AI, Machine Learning, CRM, Video and Analytics. But technology isn’t the only area being considered. Connecting with customers in new and engaging ways, reimagining cross-functional teams, partnerships and marketing processes will also become top of mind for companies looking to achieve growth.

In this fresh perspective keynote, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and WSJ bestselling author of Growth IQ, shares her insights on what it takes to ignite your marketing organizations, stay ahead of competitors and achieve sustainable growth.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Embrace change with optimism
  • Understand the evolution of trust and loyalty in customer-brand relationships and apply best practices to maintain strong engagement
  • Implement a digital first experience across the customer lifecycle