Not Everyone Can be a “Leather Pants Person,” and Other Branding Lessons

Everyone wants to be able to feel confident wearing leather pants out of the house—they’re cool, timeless, show confidence and sex appeal—but not everyone can pull it off. Similarly, many brands would like to imitate what makes other brands successful, whether it’s mimicking certain design trends, borrowing cultural references, or signaling alignment with a given social cause, but just because it works for some, does not mean it will for any brand. In this session, we’ll explain how brands can identify, celebrate, and express their own personalities, purposes, and idiosyncrasies and find their own style.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what it takes for branding to ring true in the modern brand landscape
  • Evaluate your organization’s branding and expression, what works, and what could improve
  • Apply best practices for branding and avoid common pitfalls into “blanding”