Unpacking the Decision Journey to Make Better Content

Relevance is the killer app in today’s always-on marketing landscape. Yet, our content strategies don’t always support efforts to accelerate customers through a decision journey. It’s time to put ourselves into our customer’s shoes to understand how they are trying to solve the problem we can answer. When that happens, marketers better understand the audience’s decision journey and how to be relevant at every step.

Marketing expert Lauren Teague reveals the strategies and frameworks used by the world’s best marketers and gives you the tools to use them, too. In this workshop, attendees will develop a relevancy toolkit to create marketing campaigns for your organization that your audiences can’t help but pay attention to. You’ll leave understanding how to identify exactly what kind of content is needed instead of wondering what to work on next.

After this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop robust audience profiles for stakeholders
  • Build decision journey maps that identify audience motivations and ideal response
  • Analyze existing content efforts and identify gaps
  • Implement a system for creating relevant and impactful content
  • Plan for how to activate and build effective marketing campaigns