Taking Your Reporting to Infinity and Beyond

One of the hardest parts of working as digital marketers is the reporting. There’s so much you can tell your clients about, so how do you blast through all the data and find what will connect most? This session is the map for anyone to learn how to leverage data to show your successes. You’ll learn how to think about conversions and engagement on your website, how to analyze your Google Analytics data, and how to put it all together in an impactful report.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Ask the right questions as you identify what “success” is for your website or your client
  • Set goals for engagement and conversion success metrics, as you see the importance of alerts, user flow and custom sequence segments in Google Analytics
  • Audit Google Analytics to verify traffic from different vendors and strategies as you learn the right types of data-driven questions for campaign growth
  • Pull in data with strategy to present wins in a way clients will understand
  • Automate reporting with Google’s Data Studio