Social & Statistics, Not Your Average Metrics Discussion

Pepperoni, the most popular pizza topping, also appears on the list of least favorite pizza ingredients. How can that be? Like pizza toppings, social media data points aren’t favored the same way by brands. We all have personal preferences to what we like best. It’s no different with social media data and how they impact your company.

Prepare to get nerdy (but leave your graphing calculators behind). We’ll talk through how to borrow data principles to weight your data and find out how your social media strategy really is working — or isn’t. You’ll find and channel your inner statistician to apply weighting factors to your data sets. Learn how to create a custom weighted mean calculator (never fear, we can make Excel do all the work!) that provides answers about the quality of engagements and sentiment, rather than quantity.

At the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why all social media data should not be valued equally
  • Assign weighted factors to key data points based on your business priorities
  • Determine the quality of your engagements, not just the quantity