Tossing Your Cookies: 2 Trends in 2021 Impacting Digital You Need to Know

It’s business as unusual as COVID gives way to new variants. Consumers are continuing to embrace new behaviors and habits…but as marketers, are we doing the same? There have been quite a few updates announced specific to paid search, organic search, and to privacy/data that will impact how we are planning and executing our search initiatives and campaigns. In this session, Christi Olson will dive into the updates and provide insights you can use to be more purposeful and impactful with your search campaigns. She’ll specifically highlight:

Opting In: How to be more inclusive with your search marketing efforts
Tossing your Cookies: Understanding and adapting SEM to a cookieless world

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand important updates surrounding paid and organic search, and privacy/data
  • Be more purposeful and impactful with your search campaigns
  • Make your search marketing efforts more inclusive
  • Adapt your SEM to a cookieless world