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Upasna Gautam

Product Manager
Upasna Gautam - CNN

In Upasna's role as Product Manager on the Digital News Platforms & Services team at CNN, she works with CNN's engineers, designers, editors, and journalists to develop and optimize the content management technology that delivers breaking news to the world. Upasna has been working in the tech industry for the last 15 years, where she has been an integral part of delivering technical, data-informed solutions for brands such as Ford Motor Company, PCMag, Mashable, Mars Corporation, and Kimberly-Clark.Outside of her day job at CNN, Upasna is a freelance journalist at CNN, tech career coach, meditation teacher, a Community Lead with Google's Women Techmakers, and a Product Management mentor at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism. In 2022, Upasna was awarded a Top Product Coach honor by Reforge, Products by Women, and Scale Higher.